Can the Portable Fluxmeter measure at the same time CO2 and CH4?

Yes, all gas species are measured simultaneously.

For how long time does each measurement for CO2 and CH4 roughly take after warmup?

Each measurement takes about 2-3 minutes. High fluxes are easier to measure and take less than that. For low fluxes you have to stay 2-3 minutes until the regression error is acceptable.

What about the backpack unit? Is that also included in the price?

Yes, the back pack unit is included. The Fluxmeter can be transported as a backpack (useful when working on slopes or difficult terrain).

What about the rubber seal? Is it expensive?

The rubber seal is free of charge.

Once delivered, will the Fluxmeter be ready for use in the field, or should have a lot to do?

Not much to do: charge the batteries, attach the backpack and connect the tubes. You will need a screwdriver only when you’ll need to replace the chamber battery (9V battery which drives the fan).